The Editor’s Xmas Tipples – Highland Boundary

Scottish Field editor Richard Bath brings you his thoughts on some whiskies available this Christmas.

Vital statistics: £29.99 for 500ml. 40% ABV. Available from Woodwinters, or

What is it?: Birch and elderflower spirit, made by farmers Marian Bruce and Simon Montador in a 100-litre pot-bellied Portuguese still in the milking parlour of their farm near Alyth in Perthshire. The farm straddles the Highland Fault, hence the name. It’s distilled using wild botanicals from their farm plus grain spirit, and is being marketed as “wild Scottish spirit”.

How to drink it: Serve over ice, with soda water or as part of a cocktail.

Verdict: It’s much smoother than I imagined, far less floral, and works best over ice. Easy drinking and very moreish.

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